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What do I do if I know my pipes are frozen?

Your water pipes may freeze as a result of very cold weather if they are not correctly insulated. If you have no water from your cold kitchen tap and we have not given you notice that we will be turning off your water supply please take the following action to determine if you have frozen pipes.

1. If you haven't any water, check with neighbours. If they have no interruption to their supplies, your pipes may be frozen

2. Check pipes for signs of a split - a burst will not occur until the water has thawed

3. Turn off the supply using the stopcock

4. Turn off the central heating and any other water heating appliances

5. Drain the system by flushing the toilet and opening cold taps over sinks and baths

6. If you don't find any damage, turn on all the taps and thaw the frozen pipe using a warm towel or hot water bottle

7. When the pipes have thawed and you are sure no damage or leak has occurred, turn off the taps and slowly switch the supply back using the stopcock

8. Check the pipes again now that they are under pressure and check again for signs of damage or a leak before switching on water heating appliances

9. If you discover a leak or burst pipe, call an approved plumber immediately.  Approved plumbers can be found through WaterSafe by clicking here  


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